In Tacoma, opportunities for innovation emerge when solid partnerships are forged among its residents, businesses, local agencies and organizations. An attractive and progressive international city regarded for the richness of its diverse population and natural setting, Tacoma has its sights set on the future.

A Message from City Manager T.C. Broadnax

2014 was a significant year for the City of Tacoma. Over the course of the year, our work has been driven by the City’s commitment to improving the quality of life in Tacoma, and making it more attractive and vibrant.

We took steps to initiate a strategic vision that will serve as a roadmap for Tacoma’s growth over the next decade. Civic engagement played a pivotal role in this process and helped guide City Council and staff’s efforts in determining how we effectively and efficiently deliver services to our residents.

Additionally, we implemented continuous improvement strategies and made conscious, financially sound decisions that addressed the needs of the community and align with City Council’s Strategic Goals and Policy Priorities.

The City has many exciting endeavors on the horizon. We will embark on several new initiatives that will comprehensively tie into our overarching Tacoma 2025 Strategic Plan, which serves as the foundation for how we do business and how Tacoma advances into the future. Likewise, we will begin important work around ensuring that we are proactively breaking down systemic barriers by implementing policies, programs and services that are equitable both within the City organization and the community as a whole. Combined, these efforts are essential and will be the cornerstone of Tacoma’s future success.

I want to commend our employees for their diligence and valuable contributions to the City organization. I also want to thank our community members for their continued engagement with their City government, and commitment to Tacoma’s progress. I look forward to a more prosperous future for Tacoma.

City Manager T.C. Broadnax' signature
T.C. Broadnax
City Manager

Achievements in 2014